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Burglary suspect arrested outside apartment window
Jonas Little
Jonas Little

A 37-year-old Riverbank man, who is on parole for burglary, was arrested Wednesday morning, May 15 after someone reported him acting suspiciously outside an apartment window at 1301 Richland Avenue.

Officer Nicolas Welsh arrived at the apartment complex at 11:12 a.m. and saw Jonas Little, 37, of Riverbank, digging around in the flowerbed in front of the apartment. The screen to one of the apartment windows just above this flowerbed was partially removed. When Officer Welsh told Little to face away and put his hands behind his back, Little began reaching in his back pocket with his right hand. 

Officer Welsh and Officer Jon Blount, who had arrived to assist, each grabbed hold of Little’s arms to prevent him from reaching into his pocket. Little attempted to pull away and was taken to the ground and placed in handcuffs.

Little was booked into the Public Safety Center for parole violations and resisting arrest.