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Cerean, 36, arrested for DUI
Brian Petty
Brian Petty

 Bryan Petty, 36, of Ceres, was arrested for driving while intoxicated during a police stop of his Chevy Tahoe early Monday, Aug. 4.

At 1:29 a.m., Officer Adam Hall saw Petty driving eastbound on Pine Street from El Camino Avenue with a headlamp out. When Officer Hall tried to stop the vehicle Petty made an abrupt turn onto southbound Sixth Street and accelerated down the street where pulled over and came to a quick stop. As he tried to quickly exit the vehicle Petty was commanded to get back inside.

The officer detected the strong smell of alcohol on Petty, who also had bloodshot eyes and was slurred speech. Petty, who admitted to drinking “probably too much,” failed a sobriety test with a breathalyzer confirming that he was nearly three times the legal limit to drive.