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Ceres canine helps CHP find pursuit suspect
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A Ceres police canine helped net the arrest of a man who was chased by the California Highway Patrol into Ceres on Tuesday, Sept. 24.

CHP Officer Sousa initiated a car pursuit of suspect Jose Cervantes, 41, which ended on Herndon Court in Ceres. Cervantes fled the car after it stopped.

The CHP requested Ceres Police to bring a dog to sniff out the suspect who was last seen running Bystrum Road toward Highway 99. Officer Jose Amador took his canine, Tyson, to Herndon Road, which tracked the suspect's scent toward an offramp into a bush where the dog alerted officers. The suspect was given orders to come out but failed to comply so Tyson was unleashed to flush the suspect out. Cervantes was arrested after being treated at Doctors Medical Center for a dog bite to his left shoulder.

In other noteworthy crimes the following took place:

• BROKEN WINDSHIELD LEADS TO ARREST: CERES - A meth pipe and 26 grams of methamphetamine were found in the pulled over for having a broken windshield on Saturday afternoon.

At 1:28 p.m. Officer Brittney England tried to stop a driver in the 1300 block of Fannell Drive. When driver Reymundo Santivanez, 43, of Ceres, was England gaining on him, he pulled over to the curb and began walking away from the vehicle.

England called for Officer Josh Kling to bring his drug-sniffing canine Duke who alerted the human officers that there was something suspicious inside the car. That was the only thing they needed to search the car where they found the illegal items.

Santivanez was arrested on charges of possession of methamphetamine, being under the influence, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

• BIKE STOP TURNS TO MANHUNT: CERES - Patrol officer Michael Vierra attempted to make a Sunday stop of a bicyclist at Oriole and Starling drives but the suspect kept peddling and temporarily got away, prompting a manhunt in the area of Rose and Joy avenues.

Vierra later located the suspect's bike left in front of 2736 Joy Avenue and got the homeowner's consent to search the backyard. Vierra found Tommy Rhodes, 24, of Modesto, hiding in the yard. He was arrested and said he ran because he had felony drug possession warrants for $100,500.