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Chase results from driver who didn't 'like following rules'
Ceres Cop Car

A 32-year-old Modesto driver who did not possess a valid driver's license was arrested early Sunday morning after leading a Ceres officer on a chase.

At 12:56 a.m. Officer Krandall Vandagriff was patrolling in the area of Hatch and Herndon roads when he attempted to stop black Toyota Camry for making a traffic violation. The driver did not stop and fled westbound on Hatch at 40 mph. The officer followed the Camry as it drove northbound on Crowslanding Road until it pulled over in a parking lot in the 1300 block. A high-risk traffic stop was conducted and driver and two passengers were detained.

Rafael Aguilar, 24, of Modesto, was found to be driving on a suspended license. He was arrested and booked for fleeing and evading an officer and driving on a suspended license.

Passenger Ray Uvalles, 32, of Modesto, had a misdemeanor warrant from Modesto Police and was cited and released.

The passengers said Aguilar doesn't like to follow the rules and that's why he did not stop.