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Crowd gets unruly at Family Pizza
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Police arrested one man during a tense moment where a large crowd of alleged gang members threatened police on Saturday evening outside Family Pizza, 2121 Whitmore Avenue.

At 1:50 a.m. the bartender called police to say that a large number of gang members gathered and he was fearful they would start a fight at closing time. Police officers staged in the area and Officer Freddie Ortiz made contact with David Gomez, 27, of Modesto, who was stumbling around and yelling in the parking lot and appearing to be intoxicated. Ortiz attempted to arrest Gomez but he resisted and then friends and relatives got involved and attempted to pull Gomez from the officer's grasp.

The crowd grew unruly and police gave PA announcements for the crowd to disperse. After several minutes the crowd began to leave the scene.

Gomez was arrested for public drunkenness.