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Dirt bike rider escapes after taunting officer
Ceres Cop Car

A dirt bike rider managed to elude Ceres police officers after a Sunday, Oct. 11 pursuit which started when he appeared to bate an officer into a chase.

Officer Coey Henson was in the area of Tucson and Modoc avenues in south Modesto looking for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when he saw a man on a Yamaha dirt bike pass him several times, appearing to bate him into a chase. Henson activated emergency lights but the rider fled. A pursuit of 40 to 50 mph went through the neighborhood when the bike turned west into a field off of Modoc. Henson followed on a dirt road which ended at wire fence. The rider lost control and hit the wire fence but ran on foot southbound through an orchard.

Other Ceres officers to create a perimeter but the suspect was not located.