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Driver, 26, booked for evading police
• Chase ends up going into Modesto
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An attempt to stop a driver at Whitmore Avenue and Ninth Street on Friday evening led to a high-speed pursuit and eventual arrest of the driver in Modesto.

At 9:30 p.m. Officer Christian Izquierdo attempted to stop a car but the driver, Rudy Aguilar, 26, of Modesto, accelerated and led the officer onto northbound Highway 99. Multiple officers joined in the pursuit of the car. Aguilar turned off his headlights south of Kansas Avenue and made a sudden exit at the exit and lost the officers. The pursuit was terminated just prior to the Sheriff’s helicopter announcing that they spotted the vehicle. Officers followed Air 101’s direction to a car parked on Champagne Avenue but it was the wrong car. Stanislaus County Sheriff’s deputies arrived to assist and located Aguilar’s car and he fled again. Deputies chased it into a court where Aguilar surrendered.

Officer Izquierdo confirmed Aguilar’s car was the same vehicle and took custody of Aguilar.  Aguilar was booked for evading a police officer, which is a felony charge.