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Driver jailed for loaded gun in car
Ceres Cop Car

Pulled over Wednesday afternoon for having tinted windows on his Jeep Cherokee, Uriel Martinez, 28, of Modesto, was arrested for carrying a loaded handgun, driving on a suspended license and for a warrant.

Martinez was pulled over atop the Whitmore freeway overpass at 2:27 p.m. by Ceres Police Officer Fredrico Ortiz who quickly learned the driver had a suspended license and a warrant for his arrest. Ortiz searched the vehicle prior to it being towed and located a 100-round box of 9mm ammunition and a loaded 9mm Ruger SR9c semi-automatic pistol with 10 rounds in the magazine.

Martinez said the gun and ammunition were his and that he bought them three days prior from a homeless man who helped him move. However, the gun was registered to a Modesto man. Ortiz made unsuccessful attempts to contact the registered gun owner.

Martinez was charged with misdemeanor driving on a suspended license and possession of a concealed loaded firearm in a vehicle. He was booked into the Public Safety Center without incident.