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Driver in June 26 crash arrested for DUI
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Police arrested a local man on Tuesday morning, June 26 after he ran his 2013 Toyota Camry into a parked car while he was intoxicated.

The crash was reported at 11:21 p.m. Officer Kevin Sakasegawa was dispatched to assist other officers who were investigating the crash since they suspected Arturo Moreno, 34, of Ceres, was intoxicated. 

Officer Sakasegawa noticed Moreno appeared to be under the influence of alcohol with red watery eyes, slurred speech, unsteady gait, and the strong odor of alcohol on his breath. Moreno stated he had consumed five beers in an hour’s time at a friend’s house before driving and said he felt “a little buzzed.” After undergoing a field sobriety test, Moreno arrested for DUI. Moreno submitted to a breath test and the results were 0.14 percent blood alcohol content, nearly double the legal limit.

Moreno did not have a valid license. His car was towed and he was booked for DUI and driving without a license.