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Driver leads officer on high-speed chase
Ceres Cop Car

A female driver and her female passenger were arrested on Sunday evening after leading a Ceres Police officer on a high-speed chase.

At 9:49 p.m., Officer Matthew Berlier conducted a vehicle stop on a blue Jeep Cherokee at Evans Road and Central Avenue. As Officer Berlier got to the car driver Martha Steeves, 25, Ceres, decided to accelerate, which started a police pursuit. Officers chased the Jeep as it traveled westbound on Hatch Road. At the top of the Hatch Road overpass the Jeep drove northbound on the southbound Highway 99 exit ramp then continued driving northbound in the southbound lanes of Highway 99. Due to the extremely hazardous actions of the driver, officers did not pursue the Jeep onto the freeway. The pursuit was canceled and neighboring law enforcement agencies were notified of the suspect vehicle.

A short time later, Ceres Police was notified by Modesto Police that they had the possible suspects from the pursuit detained on Crowslanding Road. Ceres officers positively identified Steeves as the driver. Modesto officers said Steeves and passenger Marena Nava, 22, of Ceres, had been observed by a witness parking the Jeep on a nearby street before walking to Crowslanding Road. During the investigation it was determined that Martha had warrants for her arrest and Marena was a parolee at large.

Both subjects were arrested and transported to jail where Martha was booked for recklessly evading a police officer as well, as the warrants. Nava was booked for being a parolee at large.