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Driver leads police after stop for expired tag
Ceres Cop Car

A man riding a motorcycle with expired registration tags would not yield to a Ceres Police officer wanting to pull him over Sunday and a chase all the way to Hickman ensued.

At 2:12 p.m. Officer Vince Hooper spotted a Honda motorcycle with expired registration being ridden in the parking lot of Rite Aid at Mitchell and Fowler roads. The rider, Raul Espinoza, 39, of Empire, circled the lot before exiting onto Fowler and took off. Officer Hooper gave chase as Espinoza sped Fowler to Boothe Road, and eastbound on Whitmore Avenue all the way to Hickman Road where he lost control into a turn. Officer Hooper tackled Espinoza off of the motorcycle to prevent him from escaping. He physically struggled with officers before they placed him in handcuffs.

Espinoza had several warrants for his arrest, one of which was from Arizona. He was booked at the Public Safety Center for evading a police officer, driving with a suspended license and the warrants.