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Driver passes out drunk in dirt field
Jose Antonio Yepez
Jose Antonio Yepez

An intoxicated driver was arrested Friday evening after a Ceres Police officer spotted his car running in a dirt field in the area of Whitmore Avenue and Morgan Road.

Officer Aaron Pinon passed through the area at 11:50 p.m. when he saw a gray Nissan Maxima with its lights and the engine running. Officer Pinon checked to see if the driver needed help, and saw Jose Antonio Yepez, 30 of Modesto, either unconscious or asleep. Officer Pinon knocked on the window to get Yepez’s attention and noticed the car reeked of alcohol. Yepez appeared to be drunk. At the conclusion of a DUI investigation, Yepez was arrested for DUI.

He later gave a breath sample which revealed he was over twice the legal limit.