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Drugs, replica gun land man in jail
Ceres Cop Car

David Menchaca, 40, of Ceres, was arrested on Monday afternoon, May 23, for possession of a controlled substance and a concealed replica handgun as well as replica magazine.

Menchaca stated he was carrying the replica because he is a Norteno gang dropout and it offered him protection from other gang members.

At 4:44 p.m. Officer Mike Vierra was flagged down by a male who advised he just observed Menchaca with a handgun on Joy Avenue. The officer spotted Menchaca get off a bicycle and walk up to the front porch of 2918 Joy Avenue. As Menchaca was taking off his jacket, the officer pulled up behind him and it appeared the suspect was attempting to grab an object from the jacket. Officer Vierra detained Menchaca at gunpoint. A search of the jacket produced the fake gun inside the right front jacket pocket. The orange tip had been removed from it making the gun look very realistic.

A hypodermic needle was located inside his pant pocket. Liquid inside the needle appeared to be blood and an unknown substance which Menchaca said was methamphetamine.

Menchaca was charged with misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor possession of a concealed replica firearm and felony warrants issued by Newman Police for auto theft and possession of stolen property with a $100,000 bail.