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DUI suspect arrested
Ceres Cop Car

Jeremy Levi Kimbro, 45, of Manteca, was arrested Monday evening after he was seen driving erratically in the in the parking lot of 3201 Hatch Road next to StorQuest storage facility.

At 11:37 p.m. Officer Jesus Salinas stopped Kimbro in his pickup and detected the smell of alcohol. Kimbro admitted he had been drinking and when Officer Charles Rushing started to do a field sobriety test, Kimbro refused, saying, "I can't do it, I drank too much." Kimbro said all he wanted to do was drink and sleep inside of his vehicle and said he was forced to leave the Wal-Mart parking lot where he was trying to sleep.

Kimbro submitted to a breath test at police headquarters, with results revealing a .25 percent blood alcohol content - over three times the legal limit. Kimbro was arrested and booked for DUI.