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DUI suspect assaults officer
Alexandia Buantello
Alexandia Buantello

A 25-year-old Modesto woman faces charges of DUI and two counts obstruction of an officer after she acted belligerent during her arrest and booking.

The arrest came at 12:44 a.m. on Thursday, July 30 after Alexandria Buantello, 25, of Modesto ran her Geo Prism into four parked cars on Poplar Street near Central Avenue.

Officer Kevin Sakasegawa detected the strong smell of alcohol on her breath and could see she was impaired. During the field sobriety tests, Buantello became agitated and charged toward the owners of the parked vehicles she had stuck and she had to be physically restrained from them. Officer Kao Saechao attempted to handcuff Buantello who dug her fingernails into his left hand, causing a two-inch laceration. Officer Sakasegawa completed his investigation and determined that Buantello was intoxicated. Her blood alcohol level was later found to be nearly three times the legal limit to drive.

During her booking at the Stanislaus Public Safety Center, Buantello began punching herself in the head. Officer Kevin Sakasegawa attempted to stop her and she lunged at him. He was able to push her away as custodial deputies assisted in restraining her and placing her in a safety cell.