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DUI suspect crashes into railroad equipment
Ceres Cop Car

A Modesto driver suspected of passing out drunk and crashing into the base of the Tidewater railroad crossing arm for the eastbound lanes of Whitmore Avenue on early Saturday morning was arrested and booked for DUI.

Arrested in the 2:22 a.m. crash near Nickerson Drive was Alfredo Mafias, 35, of Modesto, who said he had come from a graduation party 15 minutes prior where he drank about three Corona beers. Mafias said he thinks he fell asleep while driving. When Officer Kiashira Ruiz arrived on scene Mafias's vehicle was still on the tracks. She reported that Mafias had bloodshot watery eyes, slurred his speech, reeked of alcohol and could not stand well. He submitted to a breath sample which revealed his blood alcohol content was .25 percent over three times the legal limit. Mafias was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage.