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DUI suspect crashes in sight of officer
Michael Leatherman
Michael Leatherman

A 27-year-old Modesto driver was arrested Sunday evening after he crashed into a construction site around the 7-Eleven on Herndon Road, allegedly while intoxicated.

The crash at 10:09 p.m. was witnessed by Officer Kiashira Ruiz, who was in the area for an unrelated DUI collision that had occurred in the 1400 block of Herndon Road near the Taco Bell and 7-Eleven. Ruiz heard the sound of screeching tires and looked up in time to see a silver vehicle drive off of Herndon Road into the construction site set up around the 7-Eleven. The vehicle collided with several items within the site before coming to a rest.

Officer Ruiz rushed over to check on the driver, Michael Leatherman, 27, of Modesto, who was not hurt. However, Leatherman had slurred speech and an open 24-ounce bottle of beer in the center console. 

Leatherman was uncooperative with a DUI investigation and refused to perform standardized field sobriety tests. He was found to be on DUI probation. He was transported to the hospital where a sample of his blood was drawn. 

Leatherman faces charges of driving under the influence and driving on a suspended license