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DUI suspect Osegueda arrested in stop for brake light out
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Jose Jesus Osegueda III, 26, of Ceres, was arrested for drunken driving in a Feb. 2 traffic stop for speeding and a burned-out tail light.

At 1:13 a.m., Officer Adam Hall got behind a black Toyota Corolla traveling westbound on Whitmore Avenue just west of Mitchell Road. Officer Hall observed the vehicle traveling over 55 mph in a posted 35 mph zone and with a brake light out. Officer Hall tried to stop Osegueda but the driver ignored lights and siren and increased his speed and began swerving. The pursuit took the Ninth Street off ramp and then continued to drive North on South Ninth Street. Officer Hall pursued the vehicle until it eventually stopped on Bystrum Avenue. Other Ceres patrol units arrived on scene and officers conducted a high-risk stop. Officers ordered the Osegueda out of the vehicle.

Osegueda displayed all the signs of being intoxicated. Because he refused to participate in field sobriety test, the officer obtained a warrant to have a blood sample drawn at Doctors Medical Center before booking him into the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center for misdemeanor DUI and evading police.