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Father, son defy officer and land in jail
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Aric Martin Alias Sr., 37, and son Aric Alias Jr., 19, both of Modesto, got a Dec. 1 lesson in why it's important to comply with an officer during a traffic stop. Both father and son became belligerent and were arrested.

The arrests occurred in Modesto when Ceres Police officer Freddie Ortiz was running a department errand to pick up supplies at Crescent Supply in downtown Modesto. At 4:16 p.m. Ortiz started to leave when he saw the driver of a gray 1989 Pontiac 6000 LE, pass him and fail to stop at the line behind the crosswalk at Seventh and H streets in Modesto. Ortiz pulled over the car and driver Aric Martin Alias Sr. who aggressively asked why he was being stopped. The driver then refused to show his driver's license, proof of insurance and registration. At the same time, the son allegedly yelled a barrage of obscenities at the officer, said Ceres Police spokesman Sgt. Jose Berber.

Aric Martin Alias Sr. allegedly called 911 to report he was being harassed by the officer. He also refused to sign the citation as a promise to appear in court. Since he refused to sign, Officer Ortiz told Alias Sr. he was under arrest.

The suspect refused to leave his car and Officer Ortiz tried to talk him into getting out on his own but refused. Ortiz reached into the vehicle to grab the left wrist of Alias who was now more aggressive. The son allegedly pushed the officer's hand away from his dad, saying "You ain't touching my father!"

The elder Alias was forced out of the car by the officer but refused to place his hands behind his back and aggressively faced the officer. When Ortiz pulled out his Taser, Alias complied. However, he yanked away from the officer when he was being escorted to the patrol car and he refused to sit down in the car.

Both father and son continued to curse at the officer, said Sgt. Berber. The son got out the car and walked on the driver's side as he approached the officer. Ortiz meanwhile gave the father a two-second shot of the Taser to subdue the father, fearing the son was ready to attack.

By then, a Modesto Police officer arrived and got Junior to drop to his knees but he refused to lie on the ground. He was eventually forced to the ground and handcuffed.

Alias Sr. later apologized to the officer for his actions. He was charged with running a stop sign, delaying an officer, resisting arrest and refusing to sign a summons to appear. Alias Jr. was charged with delaying an officer and resisting arrest.