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Female driver arrested for drugs, burglary tool
Mary Becerra.jpg
Mary Becerra

Ceres police officers were on patrol early Wednesday when the car in front of them showed suspended vehicle registration and surprises on the inside. A 28-year-old Modesto woman went to jail after officers searched the car and found cocaine and a burglary tool.

Officers Matthew Berlier and Tony Scopesi were on patrol in a two-man unit at 1 a.m. As they were in the area of Morgan Road and Rockefeller Drive they spotted the car that was not legally allowed to be on the road. They pulled over driver Mary Becerra who said she didn’t have a license or identification when asked for it.

Officer Scopesi asked Becerra to step out of the car and Officer Berlier saw a baggy containing a white powder on the driver seat where she had been sitting. 

 The bag appeared to contain cocaine. Becerra was arrested. A “slim jim” was located in the vehicle. Becerra was booked into the Public Safety Center on charges of possession of a controlled substance, burglary tools and driving on a suspended driver license.