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Gun, drugs pop up in traffic stop
Ceres Cop Car

Two persons were arrested during a Friday evening traffic stop, for charges that included illegal possession of a loaded gun and possession of marijuana.

At 11:55 p.m. Officer Keith Kitcher pulled over a vehicle for an equipment violation in the 2700 block of Riverpark Drive. During his investigation on the occupants, the officer got the runaround about the name of the female. As she had her purse open, Kitcher could see a holster. He also spotted an open beer can in the front of the passenger compartment and could smell marijuana inside the car. The officer had both occupants get out as he searched and found 30 grams of marijuana in the center console and a loaded .25 caliber handgun in the purse.

Diana Bueno, 33, of Modesto, was charged with providing a false name to police, illegal possession of a firearm and for a warrant for her arrest.

The driver of the car, Arturo Cabrera Jr., 28, of Ceres, said the gun was his. He faces charges of driving with an open alcoholic beverage container, possession of marijuana in a vehicle, possession of loaded firearm in a vehicle, being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and miscellaneous arrest warrants.