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Hardware store robbery suspect walks right into cop

A man who moments later allegedly robbed the Richland Ace Hardware store at knifepoint walked right into an officer and was prompted arrested on Thursday.

Alejandro Alvarado Jr., 37, of Ceres, allegedly entered the store inside the Richland Shopping Center, 2531 E. Whitmore Ave., and walked behind the cash register brandishing a large knife. He allegedly told the clerk: "I'm not playing around. Give me everything." Alvarado was handed an undisclosed amount of money and he walked out towards Dennis Liquors at the east side of the center.

Officer Keith Kitcher was inside the liquor store, making a purchase and speaking to the clerk and had walked out of the store and was putting away his purchases on the police motorcycle when Alvarado ducked inside the store. At the same time, an Ace Hardware store employee yelled to Kitcher that Alvarado had just robbed the store. Officer Kitcher rushed inside the store and apprehended Alvarado without incident. He was arrested and charged with armed robbery.