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Illegal fireworks explodes in house
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The person who lit an illegal mortar launch firework escaped arrest but a defiant female from the same household wasn't so lucky on the Fourth of July holiday.

At 11:51 p.m. Ceres Fire Battalion Chief Rich Scola witnessed the launching of a mortar in the 2700 block of Tricia Court that would its way inside a neighboring house through a front door and exploded inside causing damage. Ceres police officers tried to make contact with the responsibles but they were not cooperative, said Acting Police Chief Brent Smith. However, their illegal fireworks were confiscated.

About 30 minutes later neighbors called about about a massive explosion between the houses. Officers rolled up to the house, which had been darkened. Officers saw the occupants through the windows and used a different tactic: They began towing the illegally parked vehicles when some of the occupants came out in protest. Police arrested Allison Bourassa, 36, for public intoxication and obstructing or delaying an officer since she refused to return to the house.