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Keyes man arrested after flushing heroin
Ceres Cop Car

Attendants at Cruisers gas station in Ceres were concerned about the Sunday actions of Allen Barriga, 25, of Keyes, who was going in and out of the restroom over an hour period while cursing. When officers Mike Vierra and Matt Berlier showed up they found Barriga locked inside the restroom. They said he threw a small amount of heroin into the toilet and flushed it as they tried to stop him from destroying evidence by grabbing him. A brief struggle ensued, in which Barriga had a small cut on his lip, before he was arrested.

Barriga was medically cleared by AMR paramedics before he was transported to the County Jail where he was booked for resisting or obstructing a police officer and violating the terms of his probation.