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Keyes woman arrested in DUI case
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A 51-year-old Keyes woman was arrested in Ceres on Thursday afternoon when she was reported passed out behind the wheel of her running car after taking medication.

Officers were dispatched to Fifth Street south of Whitmore Avenue regarding the passed out woman. Officer Steve Carvalho, currently assigned as a School Resource Officer, was passing through the area and spotted the driver once again driving the Subaru Outback and pulled over the driver, Amy Kesslar, 51, of Keyes. However, the vehicle pulled over but drove over the sidewalk and nearly hit a vehicle parked in a driveway. As Officer Carvalho approached the vehicle, Kesslar put the vehicle in reverse as he raised his voice to get her attention to stop, which she did. Kesslar was told to turn off the engine.

Officer Scott Faure arrived and took over and learned from Kesslar that she had taken some prescription medication prior to driving. At the conclusion of his DUI investigation, Kesslar was arrested for driving under the influence of a prescription medication.