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Know the identity of this ‘porch pirate’?
• Teek Court ripoff happened April 18
Surveillance cameras caught this image of a woman who stole packages off the front porch of a Teek Court home on April 18 and the victim would like to see an arrest.

A Ceres resident who was the victim of a theft of products delivered to her front porch on April 18 is hoping images of the suspect will result in her being identified and charged.

The theft occurred around 4:44 p.m. on Thursday, April 18 on Teek Court. Surveillance cameras on the front of the house show what appears to be a late 1990s Chevy Astro van, possibly gold in color with plastic for a rear passenger side window, roll up to the house and a Latino woman in her 20s strolling up to the porch and helping herself to two packages. They contained a work uniform and supplies for a work-from-home mom. The woman quickly carries the boxes back to the van and midway in the driveway she starts running to the driver’s side and takes off westbound on San Pedro Avenue.

Anyone with information on the suspect can report it to the Ceres Police Department.

gold van
The 1990s Chevy Astro van used in the Teek Court porch theft.