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Man arrested for obstructing officer in investigation
Marco Soria
Marco Soria

A 25-year-old Modesto man was arrested and charged with impeding with a Ceres Police officer’s investigation as to why he was inside of a car that should have been in impound.

Officer Eric Souza was at Don Pedro and Moffett roads at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday when he noticed a Ford Mustang parked near the railroad tracks with a man in the driver seat. He ran the license number, and the DMV system indicated that the Mustang had recently been towed and impounded for not having a rear plate. The officer drove back to investigate and saw Marco Sorio out of the vehicle and walking away. Soria was motioned to return to answer questions but kept walking, yelling that he knew nothing about the car. 

Officer Souza ordered Soria to return and explained his concern that the vehicle or rear plate might be stolen. Soria refused to provide his ID and name. Officer Souza explained that Soria was delaying his investigation and continued to withhold his name so he was arrested for delaying/obstructing an investigation.

Soria finally provided his name when the handcuffs went on. It was learned the car was his but that Soria had a suspended driver’s license.