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Man asleep at the wheel found with meth
Ceres Cop Car

An Elk Grove man was arrested by Ceres Police on drug possession charges Dec. 3 after it was reported that he was asleep behind the wheel of a car stopped at Central Avenue and Glasgow Drive.

A citizen called 911 at 1:34 a.m. to report that a driver was slumped over the wheel at the stop sign with his foot on the brake and car running. Police arrived and positioned a patrol car in front of the man's car in case his foot came off the brake and the car drifted off. When Jeremy Lynd, 32, was awakened, his foot came off the brake and the car rolled into the patrol car. The car was then put in park and shut off. Police determined that Lynd was not under the influence but was sleeping. A search of his car turned up methamphetamine and he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.