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Man batoned while running from police
Ceres Cop Car

A man who had heroin in possession was struck with a baton as he was being chased by a Ceres Police officer on Friday evening.

At 10:30 p.m. Officer Justin Canatsy was patrolling in the area of Olivero Road and Jim Way in south Modesto when he attempted to contact Danny Estes, 33, of Modesto, who was walking. During a pat down search for weapons, Estes took off running. Officer Canatsy was quick on his heels when he saw saw Estes reaching for his pockets. Canatsy used his baton to strike Estes once in the right arm, causing him to fall to the ground. After a brief struggle Estes was taken into custody. He told the officer that he ran because he thought he had warrants and he also had heroin on his clothing.

Estes was booked for possession of heroin and resisting a peace officer.