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Man with drugs gives police a false name
Police find driver in Carl's Jr. parking lot crash was on meth
Raymond Padilla methhead
Raymond Padilla

A parking lot crash at Carl’s Jr. on Friday morning, Sept. 25 led to police discovering drugs in one of the cars with the suspect lying about his identity.

Police suspected that 40-year-old Raymond Padilla of Ceres was under the influence of drugs when they arrived at the Carl’s Jr. parking lot on Mitchell Road at 8:53 a.m.


Officer Christian Izquierdo asked Padilla why he was slow in his responses and stated it was because he was scared and nervous about being in a crash. He didn’t have a license with him and identified himself as David Padilla, 38, of Ceres who is his brother. The officer discovered a discrepancy between the weight on record for David and his own weight. After further questioning, Raymond admitted he lied about his name because of an arrest warrant in his name.

Padilla was arrested for providing a false identity to an officer. Officers searched Padilla and removed a baggy of a white crystal substance appearing to be methamphetamine from his left sock. The suspect stated he has been using meth for several years.

Padilla was booked into the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center for felony false impersonation of another and possession of a controlled substance.