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Man jailed for concealed knife, burglary tools
• Suspect wouldn't get out of patrol car's path
Miguel Valencia
Miguel Valencia

A 21-year-old Modesto man was arrested on Tuesday evening, July 2 for possession of burglary tools, a concealed dirk/dagger and a felony auto theft warrant for arrest.

Officer Eric Souza was patrolling on Bystrum Road near Lombardo Avenue at 7:24 p.m. when he saw Miguel Valencia, 21, of Modesto, walking down the middle of the street. As the patrol car approached, Valencia did not get out of its path and continued walking, putting himself in danger of being struck by cars. Souza noticed Valencia was carrying a hacksaw in his left hand. 

Officer Souza stopped to speak to Valencia who admitted to having a replica switch blade knife and a throwing knife, sharpened on both side, concealed in his pockets. 

He was arrested and booked.