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Man passes out behind the wheel drunk
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A 43-year-old Modesto man was cited and released to family after he fell asleep while driving his pickup on Saturday evening on Hatch Road at Richland Avenue.

The incident happened at 7:19 p.m. Officer Kiashira Ruiz arrived and saw an ambulance stopped in the number 2 lane of westbound Hatch Road with emergency lights on. Behind the ambulance was a red pickup with Paulo Zuniga-Ruiz, 43, of Modesto, slumped over the wheel. 

The officer Ruiz turned off the motor and attempted to wake Paulo who then tried to drive off but realized his engine was off. He appeared intoxicated.

Officer Ruiz determined that Zuniga-Ruiz was intoxicated. A breath test determined that he was over three times the legal limit to drive. He was released on a citation for DUI and released to family members due to the current state mandated “zero bail” policy.