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Man runs across freeway to avoid arrest; police waiting on the other side

Why did the suspect cross the road? Well, if it was to escape the police it came to no avail.

A Modesto man ran across all six lanes of Highway 99 June 30 in an effort to escape being arrested for trying to pass a fraudulent check. The man, later identified as Mario Lua, 20, managed to dodge the freeway traffic, but he was unsuccessful at eluding Ceres Police Lt. Chris Perry, who happened to be in the area and was waiting for Lua on the other side of the highway.

Around 1 p.m. the Ceres Police Department was contacted by an employee at the Wells Fargo Bank on 4th Street about a man trying to cash a stolen check.

An officer arrived at the scene and made contact with Lua inside the bank. The officer asked Lua to step outside to get him away from the bank patrons. Outside the bank Lua began struggling with the officer and was able to break away and take off running.

From 4th Street, Lua ran across El Camino and then jumped a fence onto the highway shoulder. He then proceeded to run across all six lanes of the highway.

A call about Lua’s flight had gone out on the radio and Perry, who was in the area to have his vehicle serviced, jumped into action. Before mechanics could take even one bolt off the car, Perry got into his vehicle and was waiting on the other side of the freeway for Lua.

Lua was arrested on suspicion of burglary, possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, and passing a fraudulent check.