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Man throws bar stool through restaurant window in front of officer
Ceres Cop Car

A 24-year-old transient was arrested Saturday evening after he threw a bar stool through the window of La Morenita Mexican Restaurant just as a Ceres police officer was walking up to have dinner.

The incident occurred at 8:52 p.m. as Officer Dan Graziose and police volunteer David McCann were walking to the eatery and heard a loud pop and glass flying outward. The two thought a gun had been fired and Graziose called for backup. Within seconds a shirtless Latino male came out the front door with his shirt was covering his face. Graziose detained Gerardo Rodriguez, 24, transient, who explained that he was going through some personal problems and was angry that the restaurant staff refused to serve him for lack of a shirt. It is unknown if Rodriguez intended to pay for food or not.

A security sweep of the restaurant revealed no gun and no one injured.

Rodriguez was booked for felony vandalism and a violation of probation.