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Man tries hiding drugs in car stop
Ceres Cop Car

A Ceres Police officer had a harrowing moment when a suspect was reaching for an unknown item during a car stop which later proved to be drugs.

Working patrol in the area of Eugene and Herndon avenues at 9:08 a.m. on Aug. 17, Officer Justin Canatsy pulled up on a vehicle blocking the roadway. When the emergency lights were activated, Daniel Simpers, 27, of Modesto exited from the front passenger seat. Canatsy ordered Simpers back in the vehicle but the suspect was non-compliant and began to argue and yell at the officer. Simpers began to reach toward a bag setting on the floor board and because the officer didn't know if he was trying to retrieve a weapon, a physical struggle ensued to detain him. During the struggle Officer Canatsy gave several warnings for Simpers to comply but there was no compliance. With the help of other officers, Simpers was handcuffed.

The bag yielded a small black container with a small amount of white crystal methamphetamine along with several foil wrappers containing heroin.

Simpers told officers that he is a drug user and had been up for several days and resisted because "cops have a bad rap." He was charged with misdemeanor possession of controlled substance charges and resisting arrest.

The driver of the vehicle was compliant during the entire incident and was released.