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Meth likely cause of suspect fleeing police
Ceres Cop Car

A bicyclist who was carrying around two baggies containing a substance believed to be methamphetamine led police on a chase Friday morning that ended in his arrest.

At 8:26 a.m. a Ceres Police officer spotted Epigmenio Juarez, 35, of Modesto, riding the bike southbound on Richland Avenue approaching Giddings Street. Because Juarez was holding a grocery bag without any hands on the handlebars, which is a code violation, the officer pulled him over. Juarez turned around and saw the officer and tried to ditch him by riding into the apartment complex at 1625 Richland Avenue. When the officer followed him, Juarez peddled faster. The officer caught up with Juarez on Peltola Avenue where he again tried to stop him but the rider double-backed. Juarez was found hiding behind a white van on Richland Avenue but he got on his bike and tried to elude the officer southbound where he was intercepted by another patrol officer. At that time, Juarez crashed into a bush and tried to get up but was pinned by two officers who handcuffed him. Two small baggies of meth were found next to him.

Juarez was charged with possession of a controlled substance, probation violation and evading police.