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Oakdale woman arrested for warrant, possessing stolen goods
Ryan Teicheira
Ryan Teicheira

A 39-year-old Oakdale woman was arrested Halloween night after she tried to evade Ceres Police – probably because of the warrant for her arrest and for driving when her license privileges were suspended.

The arrest of Ryan Teicheira, 39, of Oakdale, came after Officer Eric Gallegos noticed a Nissan Sentra traveling at a high rate of speed traveling northbound on Herndon Road at 10:10 p.m. Because of traffic he nearly lost her in pursuit but tracked her down onto Lucchesi Lane where she pulled into a driveway of a residence in the 1300 block. Teicheira was walking up to the front door of the residence when Officer Gallegos passed by. Gallegos contacted her and she identified herself as someone else and gave a different date of birth. She claimed she was at the house to visit her friend “Jonathan,” and that she knocked on the door but no one answered. However, Gallegos knocked on the front door and was met by the home owner who did not know Teicheira.

Suspicious, Officer Gallegos obtained a photograph of the person she claimed to be and saw that it was not a match. Officer Gallegos ran the Idaho license plate and saw that it was registered to a Dodge Neon, not a Nissan. In running the VIN, Officer Gallegos discovered that the vehicle’s registration was expired and did not belong to the woman.

Her true identity was revealed by a California identification card in her purse. Teicheira was on searchable probation, had a suspended driver’s license and had a warrant for her arrest issued by Oakdale Police. 

A stolen debit card was also located inside the car. Teicheira admitted to using her sister’s name. She was arrested for impersonation to make another liable, possession of stolen property, driving on a suspended license, probation violations and the warrant.