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Odd behavior leads to drug arrest
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The odd behavior of 32-year-old homeless man Angelo Pacheco in front of the Chevron station on Herndon Avenue Friday afternoon drew a citizen's 911 call to report his waving a pipe and led to his arrest.

Police responded to the 1:35 p.m. call and found Pacheco in front of Denny's which is next door. Pacheco spotted the approaching officer and jumped on his bike and rode back to the Chevron parking lot. When he saw a second officer pulling into the lot, Pacheco rode across Herndon through the McDonald's parking lot. An alert citizen saw the suspect needed to be stopped and pushed him off his bike. Officers swooped in and arrested him. As he was pulled off the ground officers found a small plastic bindle of heroin on the ground.

Pacheco was charged with possession of a controlled substance and violation of probation.