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Officer shoots dog
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A pitbull was shot but recovering after it charged an officer and was shot in the neck on Wednesday, August 6.

Officer Keith Kitcher was working radar in the 1300 block of Nadine Avenue at 8:21 a.m. when he was flagged by a person saying that a dog was attacking other dogs. Kitcher responded and found the pitbull with its teeth clamped around a Chihuaua. He also found a man who said he was bit on the hand by the dog. When the dog turned on Kitcher, the officer pulled his revolver and shot the dog in the neck.

The owner of the pit bull told Kitcher that the dog had been jumping over the fence a lot.

Both wounded dogs were transported to local veterinarians for treatment.

County Animal Control responded and left within minutes, said Police Chief Brent Smith. He is said he is unsure what action will be taken against the owner.