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Passed out motorists busted for drugs

Two men who were passed out in a car idling at a stop sign at Richland Avenue and Herndon Road were arrested on drug charges on Thursday afternoon.

An officer was flagged down at 3:31 p.m. by someone who saw the two slumped over in the car. Driver Viacheslav Anishenko, 36, of French Camp, was passed out as was passenger David Sanchez, 55, of Modesto. Sanchez was slumped over with a syringe sitting on his lap and fresh blood coming from his arm. The hypodermic syringe contained a brown substance suspected to be heroin, said Ceres Police Department spokesman Sgt. Jose Berber.

The pair were roused and detained. Their car was searched and turned up 6.2 grams of cocaine and 2.2 grams of heroin. Sgt. Berber said that the driver's cell phone revealed he may have been dealing drugs.

Because Anishenko was on parole, he also faces a charge of parole violation because after a .22 caliber round was found in his car. Anishenko was charged with possession of narcotics and possession of drugs for sale.

Sanchez was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance.