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Pedestrian fleeing officer nearly causes crashes
Criminal Ledezma
Amber Ledezma

A woman with a history of criminal actions and irrational behavior was arrested on Friday, June 7 after someone reported her walking along the Mitchell Road Bridge who appeared ill.

At 11:56 a.m., Officer Nicolas Welsh saw Amber Ledezma, 33, of Ceres, walking along the east side of the bridge. As he exited his patrol car, Ledezma began to run across lanes of the bridge and was nearly hit by several vehicles and nearly caused a crash.

Officer Welsh got back into his car and attempted to catch up to Ledezma who had run to the industrial area of Nicholas Way and Angie Avenue. Officer Welsh told her to stop and she yelled “No!” and took off running again. Officer Welsh caught up to Ledezma near an alley and detained her.

Ledezma stated she wasn’t ill and refused medical attention. She was on parole and her parole agent placed a parole hold on her so she was booked into the Public Safety Center.

In May she was arrested for vandalizing and breaking into a travel trailer at Run Around Sue’s Bar and while in the back of the patrol car began slamming her head against the Plexiglas partition separating the front seat and rear seat.