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Police arrest man who threatened to kill customer
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Police arrested a 51-year-old homeless man who as acting irrationally and threatening to kill at least one customer of the Dollar Store at 1430 Hatch Road on Wednesday morning, Nov. 19.

Several persons called 911 at approximately 9:51 a.m. about the behavior of Peter Boven, 51, who was yelling at customers in and out of the store. At one point Boven allegedly threatened to kill a female customer who was approaching the store. According to Ceres Police Sgt. Jose Berber, Boven's menacing behavior caused her to retreat back to her car as he followed. A man kept Boven out of the store until police arrived. Boven allegedly hit the man in the arm as officers were arriving. He allegedly assumed a fighting stance against officers.

The suspect clinched his fists and yelled obscenities at Officer Ross Bays who activated his taser on Boven, who fell to the ground. The suspect then struggled with officers who tried to handcuff him.

Boven was charged with resisting arrest and challenging to a fight in public