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Police search for market car jacker
Ceres Cop Car

A shopper at La Sequoia Market on Central Avenue learned the hard way that you don't leave your vehicle running for a quick errand inside the store. He ended up calling police at 9:43 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 10 after he watched someone drive off in his blue Jeep Patriot and tried in vain to stop him.

Ceres Police Department spokesman Lt. James Yandell said the victim was in the store and observed a person enter his vehicle and he went running out to intervene. The owner of the Jeep hung onto the vehicle as the suspect continued to drive, dragging him through the lot before letting go. He sustained minor injuries and refused medical treatment.

The suspect was described as either a light skinned black female or a male dressed in women's clothing. The person was estimated to be 5-foot-7, and weigh 175 pounds with red hair or a red wig and wearing a black striped sweater and leggings.

The stolen vehicle was recovered but police would like to arrest the suspect. Anyone with information on the suspect or the case is urged to call Ceres Police at 538-5712.