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Police seek stolen classic Chevy
Removed from unattended trailer near Morgan and Service roads
Stolen car.jpg
Ceres Police are seeking this customized 1953 Chevy Bel-Air, license plate number 7SEB089, which was reported stolen on Saturday near Morgan and Service roads.

Police are searching for a classic 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air that was stolen near Morgan and Service roads on Saturday in broad daylight.

According to Ceres Police Department spokesman Sgt. Greg Yotsuya, the owner of the Chevy was towing the car on a car trailer at around 12:30 p.m. when he began having problems with the trailer. He pulled over to investigate and realized that he had to leave it to fetch some tools from home. He unhooked the trailer and drove back to his house to retrieve tools to fix it. When he returned at around 1:15 p.m., the Bel Air had removed from the trailer which was still at the location.

Police are hoping to receive leads from anyone who saw the vehicle being stolen or have seen it. The 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air bears a brown/beige color and bears California license plate # 7SEB089.