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Police seek Walmart parking lot hit and run suspect
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Police are hoping citizens can offer clues about the identity of the driver who collided with a passenger car in the Walmart parking lot of Tuesday morning, Nov. 25, and then fleeing the scene.

At 9:27 a.m. an officer was cruising through the parking lot when he saw a blue GMC pickup speeding northbound toward Hatch Road at a high rate of speed. The driver failed to stop at the north end stop sign as he accelerated eastbound, breaking traction. The officer tried to catch up but could not safely do so.

Meanwhile the officer became aware that the driver was just involved in a hit and run crash with motorist Denise Ford, 54, of Modesto. She reported she was traveling southbound in the parking lot when the truck backed out of a handicapped stall and collided with the front bumper of her 2002 gray Ford Escort. The driver and her 26-year-old female passenger and her one-year-old baby were not injured. The crash did moderate damage to the front bumper.

Officer Mikale Bell is investigating the crash and asking the public to call in tips at 538-5713.