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Pounds of pot seized in traffic stop
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Cesar Lopez, 25, of Winton, went to jail on Monday, Dec. 15, after police found two pounds of marijuana in his car during an 8:56 p.m. traffic stop in the 1700 block of Crows Landing Road.

An equipment violation on the green 1997 GMC Yukon led to the traffic stop. Initially Lopez gave a false name to the officer and said he did not have a license. However, upon further questioning, Lopez's true identity was learned and that he had a suspended license because of a DUI conviction.

A search of the car led to two pounds of marijuana stored in a plastic baggie inside a grocery bag lying in the back seat. Officers also found two glass vials of clear liquid in the front seat that Lopez claimed was plant poison. It was packaged up and sent to the state Department of Justice for drug testing.

Lopez was arrested on charges of driving on a suspended license, and possession and transportation of marijuana.