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Purse snatcher arrested
Ceres Cop Car

A Modestan was arrested Thursday evening after he fought an elderly woman over her purse and then dropped it while being chased down by bystanders.

The crime took place at 8:52 p.m. as the victim and her daughter were walking through the lot at Rancho San Miguel market. A man ran up behind the women and grabbed the purse. The woman fought the theft and would not let go of the purse and the suspect ended up dragging her approximately 20 feet before she let go.

The daughter was screaming for help which alerted several bystanders to come to her aid, one of which chased the suspect southbound across Hatch Road. The citizen warned the suspect to drop the purse. It was dropped and the suspect, Randy Chew, 29, of Modesto, kept running and ducked into the apartment complex at 1600 Richland Avenue. Officer Ron Collins spotted the suspect at the intersection of Winthrop Lane and Richland Avenue and arrested Chew for robbery.

The victim suffered bruises and scratches. Her property was returned.