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Residential burglary suspects caught
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Two Ceres brothers were arrested Saturday evening after allegedly committing a residential burglary in the 3200 block of Moonview Drive.

At 9:04 p.m. a resident interrupted a man inside of his garage who was helping himself to shotgun shells. The homeowner chased the man out of the garage but stopped when the male said he had a gun. The victim said he saw the suspect run into a backyard on Venus.

Police called in the Stanislaus County Sheriff's helicopter to perform an aerial search of yards with the help of a police canine on the ground. The helicopter crew alerted officers to a man riding a bike on the canal bank behind the victim's house. Police located the suspect who was in possession of a loaded handgun along with the stolen shotgun shells. Jesus Garcia, 18, of Ceres, was arrested and booked for possession of stolen property and possession of a loaded handgun.

Garcia told officers that his 17-year-old brother was the one who entered the garage. The minor was found in the area and booked for residential burglary and making terrorist threats against the homeowner.