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Robbery suspect apprehended in night of hold-ups
Ceres Cop Car

Dallas Marquette Amaya, 20, of Modesto was arrested early Monday after allegedly robbing a number of convenience stores in Ceres and Modesto.

At 2:50 a.m. a suspect described as a Latino male about 22 to 23 years old, weighing about 130 pounds, and wearing sunglasses, a gray hoodie, and blue jeans robbed the 7-Eleven at 1305 Herndon Avenue. He was pointing at the clerk an item under a red cloth. The suspect sounded like the man who committed a robbery in Modesto moments before.

The suspect ordered the clerk to walk to the register and warned him to "not try to try anything stupid." The suspect followed the clerk who handed him about $100. The suspect fled on foot.

Officers searched the area while Ceres Police dispatch contacted Modesto Police to get further information related to the robbery in their jurisdiction. Modesto Police advised their suspect was seen driving a Lincoln.

Ceres and Modesto officers worked together to stake out other gas station marts in the area. Within minutes, Modesto Police advised they had a suspect at gunpoint in front of AM/PM at 2507 Ninth Street in Ceres. Modesto officers arrested Amaya, who had the red cloth, $584 worth of bundles of cash in rubber bands, and an aerosol bottle of a sanitizer in his pocket.

Amaya said at 7-Eleven he simulated the gun with the can of an air sanitizer under a red shirt.
The 7-Eleven clerk positively identified Amaya as the robber.

Amaya, who owns a gray-colored Lincoln and admitted driving to each of the robberies. He also told police that he planned to rob the Ceres AM/PM but was stopped by Modesto Police before he could. Amaya said he waited five to 10 minutes in his car parked down the street before walking up AM/PM and being intercepted by Modesto Police.

A records check through dispatch revealed he was on misdemeanor probation.

Amaya told police he made good money working at a canned food warehouse and was able to work overtime at will but that he committed the robbery to help out his family.

Amaya was arrested and booked for felony armed robbery, attempted robbery, and probation violation.