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Sam Avenue house swept for gun-firing revelers
Ceres Cop Car

Ceres Police sent out its SWAT vehicle to a home at 1204 Sam Avenue New Year's Eve after multiple reports came in about multiple shots being fired as the new year rolled in.

At 12:03 a.m. officers were patrolling the area when they heard several gunshots being fired from the residence. Officers flooded the area and pinpointed where the shots were coming from and because of the amount of gunshots being fired in the backyard the department's armored car was called to the scene. Upon arrival commands were given on the loudspeaker for everyone to come out of the residence and all complied.

As officers conducted a security sweep of the residence they located several firearms lying around in plain sight along with multiple spent casings on the ground. Consent was granted by the homeowner to search the property. During the search eight firearms were located in and around the house along with matching ammunition.

Once the interviews were complete investigating officers decided to send to the case to the District Attorney for prosecution of reckless discharge of a firearm.